Mark Friedler

Founder/Co Organizer

As the CEO blockhain investment syndicate Gigex, Mark has advised many successful ICOs including, XTrade, Cappasity, Cashbet, Pryze, Bobs Repair as well as top pre-ICO projects like Vertex and NetZero. Through his investment syndicate, he contributes to fundraising and awareness.
He is the founder of SFCryptoMondays, one of the largest crypto meet-ups in San Francisco

Mark was the Founder & CEO of GameDaily, acquired by AOL/Time Warner and V-Cast, acquired by Verizon. He has background in online games, digital currencies and media and has been Senior Director at Oracle Data Cloud and Marketing Cloud and interim president of ride-share company ICars. Mark is respected as a seasoned sales and marketing leader in the Silicon Valley and global tech industry.




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